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As requested by quite a few (actually a lot!) of you we've taken a few snaps from the upcoming development video.

The below images feature the Archmage's Shockblast spell.

The video is very close to being complete and we've worked through a HUGE list of tasks and have narrowed it down to only 2 small things needing completion.

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Posted by: Matt on November 06, 2014
Do you have a voice?
Hello everyone! We're currently looking for some voice actors who are willing to do a few clips for us, mainly ranging from hellos, goodbyes and so on.

If you are interested please email me:


Or Skype:


You will be awarded early alpha access and bonus ingame items!

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Posted by: Matt on July 21, 2014
Account Updates.

The account system has recently been updated on the website so your accounts will be available for login with the game client.

We're now using a different, more secure encryption system and you will be required to login to your account on the website (top left) so your password is rehashed and updated! This is important if you wish to participate in the alpha.

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Posted by: Matt on July 04, 2014
Wolves hurt, even through armour!
Many things again have been updated recently, I've added a ton more features and improved general gameplay.

NPC and interaction system.
Quest system.
Combat system.
AI Combat system.
Buff system.
Weapons and armour upgrades.
And a few other minor improvements.

I am also working on many new armour sets and generally improving the quality overall. Soon I will implement an armour set similar to the weapons featured in these screen shots. Please use the forum or comment to tell me your thoughts!

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Posted by: Matt on June 26, 2014
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Vizzi: when do you think the game will be launched?

Twisttid: Can you do more news posts or is there anywhere I can view frequent updates?

jeaxx: Already been around for years*

jeaxx: @Jon rose I believe the aim is to have their own, completely unique style for Exaro Online, I would hate to see this game looking like a WoW clone, etc. A unique style and unique game-play would be more attractive anyhow, people would rather play something completely new, not something that has alr

Twisttid: @Jon Rose Each developer normally has their own distinct style, taking another's doesn't allow your game to have distinction therefore not standing out. Also, you didn't have to repeat yourself.

Jon rose: And i hope this game will be avail in SEA coz i want to play it. :)

Jon rose: i love to be part of this game but i dont know yet to create a game. :( I am a Computer Science Major and i dreamed to create a MMORPG. Soon i'll learn. but now i just studying. :( i want to be a developer but still not enough skills to do it. soon i'll be. Btw I hope this game more likely KOA:Rec

Jon rose: hi, i bit love the style. i'd be more love it if this game has a style of Kingdoms Of Amalur:Reckoning. Pls play the game KOA:reckoning so u will know what im talking about and have an idea about the style. :) Thanks.

Twisttid: Who are these people in the small group?

Jambob: These guys have done great considering a lot of them have other jobs or school commitments!!!!! And can't wait :)

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