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Help: Help me I am stuck in the world of Exaro Online, I am a character in the game and I need your help getting out! I think of these assets are stolen from other games including me! I think I have found some World of Warcraft stuff in here as well!

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icon Matt: Daniel it happens bec the server is offline.

Daniel Whittaker (exaro123): someone help plz

Daniel Whittaker (exaro123): i download bata but it say 'Error occur plz submit updater error.log to one of the admins'What do i do?????

Exaro News Feed
The future of Exaro
In these part few months I've taken a new direction with Exaro and the plan for it.

The project is not dead and I am still working on things, however there is going to be a more major pause on the game while I work on other things that will enable further work on Exaro, let me clear this up a bit.

So firstly I got a job at Unity 3D (yes the gameengine used to create Exaro). This gives me the opportunity to get some funding to back Exaro with, not to mention a better insight into the engine. This does of course mean I am a little more busy!

Secondly, and more excitingly (for you at least) I have been working on another game, an Online competitive RTS game where you design your own units. This game is using a new network solution which is built upon Photon to allow rapid development with a smaller framework. So far it has proven to be extremely rapid and I have been able to create a ton of core gameplay.

So, what's going to happen?

Well, I'm going to carry on creating my new game, "Forged War" which will soon be available to you guys for testing (And I actually mean this as I have a tight deadline for a lot of the features that need to be met!) This will allow us to improve this new network system and eventually implement it into Exaro. There's also the possibility of some revenue income which will help me develop Exaro.

Thanks for all of you who stick around keep an eye out for the Forged War Client/Site soon!

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Posted by: Matt on October 20, 2015
Many new updates
For the past few months we've been working on a huge amount of things, adding a number of new features and content. The project is not dead, and it never will be!

I'll start out by pointing out the new site changes, we've added a countdown system to the website, this countdown can go live at anytime and will indicate when the game servers will be live, this will allow you to connect to the game for a specified duration. The reason for this is we currently have thousands of registered users for the alpha and our servers simply can't handle it. This will give the chance for regular visitors to gain access and help us test the game.

But don't worry! If you miss the opening time, there will be plenty more and in the future a way to subscribe for email updates of when the servers will be open.


As for in-game, we've started off with adding achievements, this will be live from the first alpha, there's over 100 achievements already in-game and will be ready for you achievement hunters to get completing. They yield many rewards from titles, mounts and much more.

Example Achievements (low level)

Player Model Update

The player model has received a huge rework; entire new model, new textures and additional animations. It's no lie that the old model was horrible!


The game has received a ton of visual updates, we've integrated a new terrain system which supports a wide array of new visual effects. We've even started to integrate a new real-time weather system.

What will I be able to do in the alpha?

We've added a ton of stuff to keep you busy in the first few alpha sessions, firstly I'd like to discuss professions.

There are currently 12 professions, this includes:

Jewel crafting

And more coming soon such as:

Tracking - Find and follow paths of elusive and dangerous creatures.

Construction - Although this is still being planned, you can construct objects such as carts and storage, this will eventually lead to player made housing (Which we are aiming for un-instanced!).

Lore - Yes, that's right, lore. We want to introduce a way to really get the lore out there, not just for the players who enjoy it. This system will allow you to undertake clues and solve mysteries, find ancient beings and much more.


Shops will be available right away, you'll be able to buy and sell items. We'll be selling some rare armour and weapons at low prices for testing, however they won't be like this forever!


Friends can be added, messages and invited to a party. You'll be alerted in chat when friends are online/offline along with a small jingle sound.


Quests will be available, however for the first set of alphas you'll be constricted to a small zone, until we're ready to expand.

Quests will reward mainly XP, gold and some items, however there are some rare quests out there!

That's all for today, however we have a ton more updates lined up and remember to keep an eye out for the server countdown!

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Posted by: Matt on May 18, 2015
Exaro Online - Total Assets
It's not secret that we've been working on Exaro for a long time, although there has been a numerous amount of times where we've scrapped huge core systems and re-done them from scratch. All for the better of course!

I decided to show just how much is really in Exaro and the scale of things.

Ontop of this, we've also had over 200,000 website visits and 1700+ website comments!

Thank you to all who also helped us test our patcher, we've strongly improved it and hopefully resolved any issues with it, we're now getting ready for the next phase!

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Posted by: Matt on March 07, 2015