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icon Matt: Servers are currently offline, these errors will occur until we push the next patch.

Reidospalas: I'm getting that error : System.Exception: Error updating client DB. em ExaroUpdater.BL.ServerProvider.dbClient_DownloadDataComplete(Object sender, DownloadDataCompletedEventArgs e) em System.Net.WebClient.OnDownloadDataCompleted(DownloadDataCompletedEventArgs e) em System.Net.WebClient.

azart95: казино биг азарт онлайн, бесплатно без смс игровые автоматы.


Andrehande: Can I log inn now?

icon Matt: @Reidospalas The patcher should now work, the logic server was offline so it would error you. You'll know when you get alpha by email or by being able to login =)

poker25: азартные игры онлайн бесплатно мега джек, а также играть в игровые автоматы на деньги вулкан!

Reidospalas: When i'm downloading the game come to 0/1 files, and when get 50% the download stop and get error... after it open the game and show a list of error, How can i fix it ? :S

Reidospalas: Please, Where i can see if i'm alpha tester?

Reidospalas: Hello :D

azart66: 300 рублей за регистрацию в казино, а также игровые автоматы машины!

zFreezie: Any updates to when the server will be online for everyone?

Exaro News Feed
Exaro Online - Total Assets
It's not secret that we've been working on Exaro for a long time, although there has been a numerous amount of times where we've scrapped huge core systems and re-done them from scratch. All for the better of course!

I decided to show just how much is really in Exaro and the scale of things.

Ontop of this, we've also had over 200,000 website visits and 1700+ website comments!

Thank you to all who also helped us test our patcher, we've strongly improved it and hopefully resolved any issues with it, we're now getting ready for the next phase!

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Posted by: Matt on March 07, 2015
New site and patcher
As we draw closer to many updates coming we're happy to release the first step of the alpha, this includes our new website and Patcher.

Please login to download the patcher and test it out.

We're aware of a number of issues people are having, but please be patient and post your issues on the forum. We have a special area of the forum designated for bugs, so please make sure you use it!

As for the website, please look around and let us know of any issues in the comment box or forum.

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Posted by: Matt on January 17, 2015
What's coming
We've got an exciting line-up for your all, firstly starting with the release of our new website and patcher in the coming week.

When you have access to the patcher please let us know if anything goes wrong, the bug report section of the forum has been unlocked.

We're still working away on the video, it's close to finished but still isn't perfect.

Here's another shot from the video, this features the first ever shown image of a party in Exaro!

We hope you all have a great year!

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Posted by: Matt on January 02, 2015