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We're still standing strong!
We've been working in the dark for the past few months, but we're stilling working away and have some new exciting features coming soon!

This includes:
~ New permanent dedicated server.
~ Exaro Online digital shop. (All proceeds will go towards the development of Exaro, starting with new permanent servers!)
~ New website with tonnes of new features.
~ Item database, see all of the in-game items before release.
~ videos, videos, videos!

But for now, enjoy these images!

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Posted by: Matt on November 28, 2013
Further environment Updates
We've added a few updates for the upcoming video. The video should be available within the coming week.

New GUI system. The new GUI system is in place and is nearly finished for the new video.

Bird/eco system. We've added birds and creatures alike which will fly around Exaro.

New Areas. We've finished up on a few new areas, one being Drallor Camp, shown in the second screen shot. It will serve as the secondary questing area, after Drallor (for Humans).

New NPC/AI system. The new system is in place and now works in conjunction with our new GUI. Allowing selection, interaction and more.

There's more! It's coming soon!

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Posted by: Matt on July 31, 2013
Next Exaro video well underway!
Since the release of our recent video we've been constantly working for the next! We have a huge amount of content that was not shown that we will shed some light on and show off many features.

The video will be focused on many areas of Exaro, mainly being the character, scenery and some gameplay.

Character animations & Armour system

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Posted by: Matt on July 07, 2013
Updated Water and Critters
After releasing our video we decided to improve on a few things within the video, naturally everything wasn't complete!

We've created a new water system which is far more optimized than before and has animated waves!

We also added some new critters. There are a variety of fish in the small lake here.

More soon!

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Posted by: Matt on June 07, 2013
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sandnone: Wen the game will be released I'm gonna nolife so hard on this !

Flo: The Game looks cool :)

Turkeeyy: Are we going to see the new website soon?

snappiercactus0: This game look fun!

Jambob: Ok lets hope alpha is soon

Hadri4n: I believe he means he will resume work in may

Jambob : Ok sounds great Does that mean alpha is in May or you will resume working on exaro in May

savant: No alpha until may time?

icon matt: Hi guys, i have good news. We finally have a working server API ready, so perhaps we will have an alpha reletively soon. This depends on a lot of things though! I will resume work at the beginning of may.

James(jambob): Can't wait til alpha

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